Where did Facebook Notes go?

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Many have probably wondered where certain features of Facebook have gone after the recent Timeline conversion. Most are still there but take just a little more difficult to locate. One of those features is Facebook Notes and something I’ve used before myself. It is not really needed anymore because you can post 63,206 characters of less on your status update now. But it is still there for those who like using it or those who want to view old notes. An easy way to get to them is just to type in your user name after facebook.com and then forward slash notes after your user name. So my notes are at https://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaDJ/notes.

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The 2nd way to reach your Notes is via your Timeline by selecting the drop down arrow to the right of the tiles/boxes. Click the drop down arrow to reveal more tiles and you should see one labeled Notes. Just click and you should be able to see your old notes and create new notes if you would like.

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Here’s the Facebook how-to video for those of you who would like to see how this is done.

Clicking on the Pen icon will let you edit which tiles you want where by swapping positions with other tiles. Give it a try and see what works best for you.

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Facebook Notes

Are you still using Notes or you posting longer status updates? Feel free to comment below or share suggestions.

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