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My Book

My Book

Being visual on social media can be very beneficial to your businesses online marketing plans. People are more engaged with a post that contain images or video rather than a bunch of text. You’ll find that more people will like, comment on or share your post that have images or video. Most smartphone have cameras and you’ll find the free Instagram app available for iOS and Android devices. With Instagram you can take photos and video and apply one of many filters.

Home Office

Home Office

I take photos all the time and the photos aren’t always about my business. I like showing others what I am up to for the day or where I’m at for the day. It might be a photo of the sunset here in Seattle or documenting a road trip. I will sometimes take a photo of my book or when I attend a workshop. This puts a more personal touch on the post rather than being just about business. However don’t let this stop you from adding photos of your products, new arrivals, employees, customers or anything else related to your business. Be creative and have fun.

Don’t forget to use #hashtags that are relevant to your post to take advantage of Facebook’s new Graph Search feature. This make it easier for others to find your business when doing a search on Facebook.

Do you use Instagram or do you use another photo app like Vine?

Snap a Instagram photo of your home office and add it to the comments to this post on Facebook. Leave a comment below on how you use photos and video to market your business.

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